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No, that Amiibo won't get you a free ride on the subway

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Barely a week after Nintendo launched its amiibo lineup, the Samus figure figures to be remembered as one of the weirdest and most coveted on the roster.

First, this video cropped up on Thursday showing Samus' NFC (near field communication) chip messing with the gates on the Moscow metro.

Eurogamer reports that, while the video shows a light turning green as a loud thunk, presumably of a gate, is heard, Samus doesn’t actually mean a free ride on the Moscow tube. In the metro there, the gates appear to be open all the time. A metro card validates it and allows the bearer to pass through. Without the card, the gates slam shut, which could be very uncomfortable for a fast moving fare-beater.

Why else is Samus such a hot toy? Well, get a load of this. Spot anything weird?

amiibo metro

That's right, she's dual-wielding her hand cannon, which isn't canon. The production error, reports Nintendo Life, has sent gray market bids soaring as high as $950, currently. These toys start out at $12.99, remember.

Amiibo launched in North America on Nov. 21, and officially launched in Europe on Nov. 28.

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