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This Super Smash Bros. glitch will ban players for 136 years

A glitch in the Nintendo 3DS release of Super Smash Bros. is banning players for roughly 136 years, according to images uploaded to Twitter by Zenaorz1 a Japan-based user who experienced a strange ban of 71,582,719 minutes first hand.

Pictures released to Twitter show the result of the glitch, which reveals a single screen of text that notifies the player of a temporary albeit extremely long ban. You can see that below.


While Nintendo is yet to offer an official explanation for the glitch, Redditors are giving some insight into faulty programming that could be behind the issue and how to bypass it.

Players are encouraged not to target a single player in an online match, to use 1v1 until a patch is released, not to go online in general and to not quit mid-match. Polygon has reached out to Nintendo for more details.

Super Smash Bros. launched on the 3DS in Japan earlier this year before making its arrival in the West last month. As was previously reported, the game is being developed for Wii U, with aims to launch on Nov. 21.

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