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'Furious 7' has a trailer, and it's the best kind of stupid

I'm a huge fan of the Fast and the Furious film franchise, and not just because of the alliteration. They're filled with amazing set pieces, actors that are clearly having a good time and they never feel the need to conform to any particular laws of physics.

I once spoke to a game designer who told me the secret to great action games is to design the big, blowout areas of the game first and then write around them. It's an interesting approach, and I have a feeling most players are ready to forgive whatever silly leap of logic it takes to get the pieces into place for things to blow up.

The Furious movies embrace that attitude and knowingly wink at the viewer; the actors have no illusions about how silly this all is, but it's too much fun to ignore.

This is the first trailer for the latest film, it's gloriously stupid, and I can't wait. Furious 7 is coming April 2015.

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