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Luigi's Mansion is coming to arcades, thanks to Capcom

There's a new Luigi's Mansion game in the works, and it's coming to Japanese arcades. The Capcom-developed game, dubbed Luigi Mansion Arcade, appears to be a light gun-like arcade experience based on Nintendo 3DS sequel Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

While there's no official announcement on Capcom Japan's arcade website, Luigi Mansion Arcade recently popped up in a Japanese arcade for a location test over the Halloween holiday weekend. The game appears to be a sit-down theater-style arcade cabinet, a la Sega's Let's Go Jungle and Namco's Deadstorm Pirates.

Nintendo has collaborated with Capcom's arcade division previously to bring New Super Mario Bros. Wii to arcades in the form of a medal-based redemption game. Nintendo has worked with companies like Sega and Namco to bring its F-Zero and Mario Kart franchises to arcades. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said earlier this year that the company "will actively expand" its character licensing business and proactively find partners to utilize its franchises.

The Next Level Games-developed Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, a sequel to the GameCube launch title, was released on Nintendo 3DS last year.

Here's an early peek at the Luigi Mansion Arcade game.

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