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League of Legends champion Kalista unveiled by Riot

Riot today detailed its latest League of Legends Champion, called Kalista.

She is described by the game-maker as "a marksman who cooperates with her Soul-Bound to deal substantial sustained damage, access her full repertoire of abilities and wither her enemies under her relentless assault." Kalista can reposition after every basic attack, hopping rapidly into new areas to launch new attacks against opponents, according to the company.


Designer CertainlyT explained some of the thinking behind Kalista in a blog post that talked about the importance of player cooperation. "Champion diversity helps us accomplish one of our key goals, that each game of League feels different than the ones before it," stated the update. "Just as important as champ diversity is player diversity.

"Some opponents are risk-averse, some fight early and often. Adjusting to the unique rhythm of each game is critical to success. But League is a team game. Reading and reacting to your allies' demeanor is equally important to victory. Kalista is for players who enjoy or want to improve at taking the pulse of teammates and working together toward a win."

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