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Pre-Black Friday deals on iPad, PS4 games, 3DS XL, Xbox One and Live

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Yesterday we posted about a slew of amazing deals to be found at a handful of national retailers. Today we dug up a few more across the internet including a standing price drop at Costco for members, a Best Buy sale later this week and what Sears has in store for Black Friday.

Best Buy

Best Buy is hosting a one-day sale at select stores on Saturday, Nov. 8. There's not a ton on sale, but there are still some quality deals to be had. You can pick up an iPad Air or iPad Air 2 with a $50 gift card, a Macbook Air with a $100 gift card or get a $100 price drop on a Surface Pro 128GB bundle. The deal also includes three televisions and a few gaming deals. Knack, MLB 14 The Show, Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall will be marked down to $24.99 for the day. And if you buy any Xbox One console Best Buy throws in a one year subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Most of these deals have no rain checks, so when they're sold out that's it.

On Nov. 9, Best Buy is having an even bigger sale, according to a leaked flyer.


Costco has a few deals running right now for members. For the Xbox One, you can pick up an Assassin's Creed Unity bundle with the console, the play and charge kit, an extra controller and both Assassin's Creed Unity and Black Flag for $399.99. Or you can pick up the Assassin's Creed Unity bundle with just the two games and console for $334.99. That's slightly more expensive than Dell's deal, but you can buy it today. To sweeten the deal, Costco is offering up to $30 off when you add select accessories to your Xbox One console order. You can get $7 off a play and charge kit, $7 off an extra controller and $16 off a year membership to gold. They also have a few games discounted by $4, but that's not very compelling.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any deals for the 3DS, PS4 or Wii U.


Newegg's full sale hasn't shown up yet, but they just kicked off a two-day sale on the site. The discounts include deals on a few hard drives, a monitor, a couple of computers, some audio choices and a mix of other odds and ends. The company is also offering 20 percent off download codes for a slew of Assassin's Creed PC games including Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed Black Flag and lots and lots of DLC.


Sears' Black Friday flyer leaked last night, while there are some decent deals among the 60 pages of discounts, there aren't very many to be had for gaming.

The flyer includes a 2DS for $99.99 when you purchase a game. But that's more than Walmart's amazing deal on the handheld. You can also pick up a 3DS XL for $169.99 when you purchase a game.


Last week, we reported on Target 's early Black Friday sales, which kick off on Nov. 9. You can find all of those details here.

Dell, Walmart, Amazon, Sam's Club

Yesterday, we reported on Dell's Walmart, Amazon and Sam's Club upcoming and current deals, including one amazing one for the PS4 featuring GTA 5. You can find those details here.

That's it for now, but make sure you stay tuned to our Deals section for more price drops and crazy cuts throughout the month.

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