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See how GTA 5 on PS4 compares to its PS3 predecessor

The PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One re-releases of Grand Theft Auto 5 have some obvious and expected differences — like a new first-person mode and better resolution — but some of the visual improvements are a bit more subtle. Cacti are pricklier, for example, and depth of field makes GTA 5's cinematics look, well, more cinematic.

For a concise look at how the PS4 version of the game will improve upon the PS3 version — applicable for the Xbox One and PC versions, as well — watch the above comparison video. You'll see shinier vehicles, more dense foliage and greater detail in general.

Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 18. The Windows PC version arrives Jan. 27, 2015. For a look at the game's first-person mode, confirmed by developer Rockstar Games yesterday, check out the video below.

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