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Depth is a clever, terrifying game of Sharks vs. Divers

Depth is a new asymmetrical shooter/chomper on Steam, in which four players control a team of treasure-hunting divers, and two players control a pair of diver-hunting sharks. That core design opens up a lot of really clever game mechanics; environments are understandably dark and cramped, giving sharks ample spaces to pounce from. Divers have to rely on their racing heartbeats and basic tools to track to the sharks and watch each other's backs to survive. They will fail, often.

Check out the Overview above to get a feel for what playing Depth as each team is like; it's on Steam now for an introductory price of $22.49.

Update: An earlier version of this post and the video above mentioned Depth launched on Steam Early Access, which is inaccurate. Depth has officially launched on Steam. We apologize for the error.

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