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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has four-player co-op, amiibo support

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, the upcoming Wii U spiritual successor to Kirby: Canvas Curse for Nintendo DS, will allow four players to team up through the unconventional platformer.

As explained on today's Nintendo Direct, one player will control Kirby — or rather, will draw the multicolored lines upon which Kirby will ride around the level, finding collectibles and shape-shifting power-ups along the way. The other three players control series regular Waddle Dees, which can pick Kirby up and carry him across the game's obstacles, and fend off enemies.

The title will also feature some form of amiibo support, although the Nintendo Direct presentation didn't explicitly state what that support would entail.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse launches on Wii U in February 2015.

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