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World of Warcraft movie Kickstarter pitch is moving and inspiring

Take a look at this inspiring and moving Kickstarter video (below) for a new documentary that looks at how a video game can help people who are dealing with the most difficult challenges.

In 2010, grandmother Terry Bolt was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET) Carcinoids, the rare form of cancer that was responsible for the death of Steve Jobs. While she was being treated for the cancer, a family member told her that playing a video game and joining an online community can help the recovery process. She started playing World of Warcraft.

Her daughter, Andie Bolt, wanted to tell the story of how her mom connected with the World of Warcraft community. She started interviewing people who have found the game helpful, through their own troubles. Last year, Andie and Terry visited BlizzCon, which is again due to take place this weekend.

The Kickstarter is aiming to raise $45,000 to contribute to the editing of the documentary, called WoW MoM -  A Documentary About Cancer & Gaming.

"There are so many amazing, personal and poignant stories that interview subjects have shared," said Andie. "Our goal is to get WoW MoM seen by as many people as possible to entertain, raise awareness about NET/Carcinoids, and get people talking about gaming & cancer."

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