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Watch the iPhone 6 MOBA from former League of Legends devs in action

Vainglory, the iOS multiplayer online battle arena game from Super Evil Megacorp, hit iTunes in Australia and a few other countries earlier this month.

The game has attracted a lot of pre-release attention because it comes from a studio made up of former Riot Games, Blizzard and Insomniac Games developers. Also, it uses Metal, iOS 8's new graphics API designed to improve performance. The game even got a little stage time during the iPhone 6 reveal.

So what's it like to play?

We captured a tutorial and one match playing the game on an iPhone 6 plus. The developers suggest you play their game on the biggest screen possible, with the newest tech possible. That would mean the latest iPad, but the iPhone 6 plus experience was still a joy to play.

Before dropping into Vainglory, I had spent quite a bit of time playing Gameloft's Heroes of Order and Chaos MOBA and Zynga's Solstice Arena MOBA. If found both Heroes and Solstice to be satisfying portable games that delivered a micro-version of the full MOBA. They're fun occasionally, but with time started to lose their luster.

So far, Vainglory feels like it may avoid that long-term interest issue. It does this not with the detailed graphics, which while a bit better than other games on the platform didn't really blow me away, but with some of the neat ideas and characters it brings to the game.

Vainglory has the ability to amp up your minions by capturing AI-controlled spots on the map called minion mines. These spots can be constantly captured and lost during the game, adding an extra element to play. There's also a central mine that can be used to grab extra gold in early gameplay, but later becomes the spawn point for the mammoth Kraken. If you can defeat the Kraken it becomes a rampaging super minion that can take out everything in its path, including turrets.

You can watch one of the game's opening tutorial playthroughs in the video above, and then a video of me playing as my favorite character in the game, Petal, a powerful rabbit that controls mutant flowers, below.

Vainglory, which is free, but includes in-game purchases, hits Europe on Nov. 13 and North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East on Nov. 18. The game requires an iPad 2 or newer or an iPhone 5S or newer to play.

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