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Next Mass Effect will include new species and alien races, focus on 'next-gen' and PC

The next Mass Effect game will introduce new alien races and species for players to encounter, BioWare announced during a Mass Effect N7 Roundtable.

According to Mike Gamble, these new alien races will have their own special worlds complete with unique architecture. Producer Fabrice Condominas added that the game's new focus on exploration extends to these new characters.

"That entire aspect of exploration is not only about the geography," Condominas said. "It's really about discovering other species, human species and yourself."

In the Mass Effect trilogy, players were able to recruit squad members of the Human, Asari, Drell, Salarian, Turian, Geth, Krogan, Quarian and Prothean race. The games include many more as non-playable characters, such as the Hanar, Volus, Elcor, Vorcha and Yahg, and even more species.

Images shown on the stream, such as the one above, include a dark, cold, mechanical piece of concept art mean to feel alien and "invoke a sense of danger." Another was more organic and peaceful looking.

As previously mentioned, the all-terrain vehicle known as the Mako will make a return in the game. According to Gamble, Mass Effect is still about choice and the Mako is part of that. Players will be able to choose their path while remaining immersed in the game's worlds.

Senior development director Chris Wynn said the goal is "not to build Mass Effect 4." According to the developers, the next Mass Effect will focus on "next-gen systems," also known as the current generation that includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and PC.

Earlier today, BioWare announced a few of the lead developers for the new game, which is being penned by the lead writer of Halo 4. Few details are currently known about the new Mass Effect, though BioWare has previously said it will focus on exploration.

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