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Watch Too Many Cooks right now

Adult Swim’s takes on sitcom themes is a bizarre trip

Part intro for wacky, non-existent comedy Too Many Cooks, part nightmare-fueled surrealistic take down of television intros, this Adult Swim video is a must watch.

Actually, I'd suggest watching it at least twice to fully appreciate just how magnificent a bit of satire, horror, mind-fuck this video really is.

I don't want to delve too much into why this is such a brilliant piece of television, but it's worth thinking about how it both tears apart the traditional concept of an introduction, while also introducing a story of sorts.

Update: Adweek spoke with Adult Swim about the video, which was written and directed by Casper Kelly, to get a rundown of some of the more than 30 television shows and movies referenced in the bizarre dozen minutes of the show.

They include: Alf, Family Ties, Rosanne, GI Joe, Falcon Crest, Facts of Life, Silence of the Lambs, Jason X, Twin Peaks and More. You can find the full list, which actually doesn't include everything, here.

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