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Who's who in the Warcraft movie

The cast of Blizzard and Legendary Entertainment's Warcraft movie was announced last year, but we didn't know much about who was playing who until director Duncan Jones, visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer and Blizzard VP Chris Metzen talked about the film's cast at BlizzCon 2014 today.

The two leads of the film, Travis Fimmel and Toby Kebbel, will play primary characters Anduin Lothar and Durotan, respectively. Warcraft serves as something of an origin story for Blizzard's expansive universe, and Jones has said that the movie will give equal time to both the orcs and humans.

On the Alliance side, Fimmel will be joined by Ben Foster, who plays Medivh; Dominic Cooper, as King Llane; Ben Schnetzer, as Khadgar; and Ruth Negga, as Lady Taria. Paula Patton will play Garona, the half-orc, half-draenei, who's caught between the Alliance and Horde factions. Unlike the other non-humans in Warcraft, Patton isn't being motion captured.

World of Warcraft movie Garona

"We have our orcs, our humans and Garona is special," Jones said. "We didn't want to use mocap; we wanted an actress who could play live action, who had the physicality and action chops [to play Garona]."

On the Horde side, Daniel Wu will play Gul'dan; Rob Kazinsky will play Orgrim, who you can see here; and Clancy Brown, who once portrayed Thrall in Blizzard's canceled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, will play Blackhand.

Warcraft is slated to hit movie theaters in March 2016.

World of Warcraft movie Durotan

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