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How ‘Too Many Cooks' came to be

Too Many Cooks, the brilliant TV genre spoof, has been blowing up the Internet all day. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

Anyway, the makers of the Adult Swim short were on Reddit today doing an AMA. Writer Casper Kelly was asked how the idea came about ...

"I think it was a shower idea," he said. "Just simply the idea of a show sitcom open that doesn't stop. It made me laugh. But I didn't think it could work for 11 minutes so I didn't do anything with it.

"Then my coworker Jim Fortier (Squidbillies) told the idea to Mike Lazzo (head of Adult Swim) at a party and he laughed. So I decided to go for it. I told Mike I wasn't sure it could work for 11 minutes, just adding actors. Mike said even Andy Kaufmann would only do that for about four minutes. And then I needed to start zigging and zagging. He was right."

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