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How the NFL was convinced to put its name on a violent video game

When NFL Blitz rebooted under EA Sports in 2012, with the franchise's creator back on the case, it lacked nearly all of the oomph that made the 1997 original so appealing, even to non-sports fans. VICE Sports reporter Aaron Gordon has some insight why.

The NFL, reports VICE Sports, actually did balk at over-the-top animations and things like late hits, but creator Mark Turmell and lead artist Sal DiVita were able to persuade the league to stay with the project after giving them a taste of their own hypocrisy,"

"Turmell first wanted to show the NFL representatives what they had used to inspire their artistic vision for the game," VICE Sports reports. "So he screened a NFL Films 'Biggest Hits' video, a gleeful celebration of brutality already being marketed and sold by the league."

So the league and Midway continued to negotiate, ultimately reaching an agreement on what was permissible. VICE Sports has loads more on the genesis of NFL Blitz, and some of the unbelievable things its prototype featured.

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