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Mass Effect studio helps couple get engaged

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

BioWare Montreal's studio recently helped a couple of Mass Effect fans get engaged.

Jackie, a fan of the series, wrote BioWare Montréal asking for help in proposing to her partner, Amy. The studio responded by creating a custom Mass Effect level, in the Frostbite 3 engine, under the pretext of bringing both in as winners of a contest to play the next game. Writer Ann Lemay and level designer Colin Campbell put together the proposal scheme, reports BioWare's official blog.

It's not the first time an Electronic Arts studio has assisted with a marriage proposal. PopCap brought in a couple last year to test Peggle 2 under the same pretext.

Says BioWare:

Colin worked closely with Ann to figure out what they could build and how it might work. They wanted to ensure the level was peppered with references to the couple's relationship so far, but they also didn't want to give anything away before the big reveal. They also didn't want Amy to die and have to start over, so Colin made sure there were safety nets in place that would ensure she got to the end on her first try.

In the custom level Jackie got a mission prompt asking her to investigate a drone manufacturing lab. As she progressed, she uncovered reports containing subtle references to her relationship with Amy, reports BioWare.

At the end of the mission, Jackie entered a room with her name, and Amy's, spray painted in tall letters on the walls. When she clicked on a console in the center of the room, a prompt from the game said Jackie had a question for her.

To find out if she said yes, see the link.

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