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Smash Bros.' announcer says 'Banned!' for NeoGAFfers

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Out of the blue, the voice actor for the announcer in Super Smash Bros.' 3DS and Wii U reboot recorded nine custom recordings for the gaming forum NeoGAF, saying plenty of things GAFfers say in their comments.

Head on over to NeoGAF hear Xander Mobus say things like "BANNED," and "Go lie down!" and "NeoGAF Official Thread!" and six other short voice clips, which should see heavy use on the popular video gaming forum.

The clips were posted by a person working for Iridium Studios, an independent developer currently working on There Came an Echoa strategy title coming next year to Xbox One that is — naturally — voice-controlled. The person said Mobus moved in as his new roommate last month. Iridium Studios' official Twitter account confirmed the NeoGAF postshortly after it went up.

Mobus doesn't say the name of any Nintendo character or game — probably because of his contract — but nothing stops him from using his own stentorian voice and pumping up the reverb. Already GAFfers are making requests for Mobus to record even more GAFspeak clips; it appears these nine will have to do for now.