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Nintendo's 3DS XL will soon be no more in Japan

Nintendo's 3DS XL will be discontinued across Japan in the near future, Siliconera reports.

While the original 3DS system remains available, Nintendo of Japan will reportedly be "ending production soon" on the XL edition.The company confirmed the news on the 3DS XL section of Nintendo's 3DS homepage, notifying users of the discontinuination on the pages of each of the seven Nintendo 3DS XL colors currently on the market in Japan.

As a result, anyone looking to buy a larger version of the 3DS will still have the option to purchase the New 3DS XL  the best-selling 3DS model since the platform's launch.

The upgraded device sold through 234,000 units to Japanese consumers, "which is the largest first-week sales of remodeled devices we have ever released," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said at the time.

It's unclear whether we'll see the original XL edition discontinued elsewhere. Polygon has reached out to Nintendo for more details and will update as it comes.

The New Nintendo 3DS was launched in Japan in October, with plans to release in North America next year. As stated in our hands-on for the device, the "biggest addition to the New Nintendo 3DS are the handheld's new inputs: a new analog nub that sits above the ABXY button cluster and the new ZL and ZR shoulder buttons. Compared to the current Nintendo 3DS XL, a few other inputs, like the start and select buttons, have been shifted around  they've moved from below the bottom 3DS screen to below the ABXY buttons, just like the Nintendo 2DS."

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