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Watch this amazing three-minute look at a possible human future across space

"Wanderers" is a beautiful short film, featuring the voice and words of Carl Sagan, that shows what life could be like as human beings move onto other planetary bodies. Be sure to watch in fullscreen, on the highest quality possible your connection will allow.

There is no story here, just a dreamlike look at the places we could live in the distant future, combined with flying, falling and floating human forms. The film gives a wonderful sense of scale to these locations, especially when looking at the relatively size of the man-made vehicles and structures.

Be sure to head over to the gallery where the film's creator, Erik Wernquist, explains the real-world and scientific inspirations for each scene, including the amazing moment where humans base jump off a sheer cliff.

"On Uranus' small moon Miranda lies a monumental cliff wall believed to be the tallest in the Solar System. It is called Verona Rupes," Wernquist writes.

"Observations are limited but it is certain that the cliffs rise at least 5 kilometers above the ground below. Maybe even twice as much.This extreme height combined with Miranda's low gravity (0.018g) would make for a spectacular base-jump. After taking the leap from the top edge you could fall for at least 12 minutes and, with the help of a small rocket to brake your fall toward the bottom, end up landing safely on your feet."

We use the term "awesome" so often that the word has lost most of its original meaning, but this is truly an awesome look at what could be waiting for us in space.

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