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New Legend of Zelda Wii U footage analyzed, secrets revealed in this 23 minute deep dive

Nintendo shared an extended look at the upcoming Zelda title coming to the Wii U during the recent Game Awards ceremony, but actual details about the game are still scarce. This 23-minute video from GameXplain enhances the footage and wrings just about every possible detail possible out of what was said or hinted at, and then goes on to speculate about all sorts of aspects about the game.

It's a fun conversation piece, and is essential viewing if you must think about and discuss every aspect of a game that's still likely a long way in the future, but it's also somewhat exhausting.

This is speculation mixed with guesses based on a very small bit of information, but the amount of time that went into tearing apart every single bit of data in the promotional presentation has to be applauded. The full video is the fun, somewhat obsessive face of full-on fandom, and you have to respect someone going this deeply into what is more or less a commercial.

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