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Theatrhythm will tackle Dragon Quest next

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Square Enix will release a new Theatrhythm game, this time focusing on Dragon Quest, for Nintendo 3DS, the company recently announced.

The Theatrhythm series combines characters from different games within a single franchise in a musical adventure. Players tap out famous tunes from various games using touch controls. Both games previously focused on Final Fantasy, which makes acclaimed role-playing series Dragon Quest a logical followup.

Few details have been revealed about Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. According to Siliconera, it's expected to launch in Japan on March 26. A Western release date has not been announced.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy launched in 2012 for Nintendo 3DS, while a follow-up, Curtain Call, was released earlier this year. In an interview with Polygon, Square Enix confirmed that Curtain Call would be the last Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.