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Let's get silly with Hearthstone's new Mech cards!

The biggest addition to Hearthstone's huge Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion is the addition of a new card category: Mechs. Most of the new minions in the expansion — and a bunch of classic minions that have been grandfathered in — fall under the new category that, like Murlocs, Demons and Beasts before it, have some really interesting interplay between them. Toss in new mechanics like Spare Parts, which bestow basic buffs and debuffs for not much mana, and the metagame of Hearthstone's turned on its ear.

Watch as Phil and I wade back into the Hearthstone breach to try and make sense of these new cards. In the video above, we crack open a few more packs, tune up a Priest Mech deck and wage war against the internet — and each other.

The next level of puzzles.

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