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Nintendo says its less popular amiibo toys may not be discontinued, after all

Despite previous reports, Nintendo may not discontinue production of some of its less popular NFC-powered amiibo figurines, a representative from the company told Polygon.

Nintendo revealed the $12.99 toys at E3 2014. The toy-like figurines are designed to interact with games that include Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Earlier this week, a Nintendo spokesperson said that the company planned to make its "most popular" amiibos constantly available. However, because of "shelf space constraints, other figures likely will not return to the market once they have sold through their initial shipment."

Nintendo has since softened its "likely" stance, telling Polygon that figures could return.

"Some amiibo were very popular at launch, and it is possible that some amiibo in the United States, Canada and Latin America may not be available right now due to high demand and our efforts to manage shelf space during the launch period," the representative told Polygon. "Certain sold-out amiibo may return to these markets at a later stage. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of amiibo in the marketplace and there are many waves of amiibo to come."

The next wave of amiibos will hit Japan early next year with characters like Bowser and Toon Link. Press play below to see Nintendo's own introduction to its new toy line.

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