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Happy birthday, Doom, here are some unused piles of meat

Doom co-creator John Romero celebrated the seminal first-person shooter's 21st birthday this morning with a stream of tweets that revealed "never-before-seen DOOM game art," according to the former id Software developer.

Developers created some of Doom's now iconic characters by scanning models, and Romero shared the original scans for the arch-vile, cyberdemon as well as the revenant from Doom 2. Software-focused images from Doom, which is now old enough to drink in the U.S., include the original in-game font, unused wall textures and a gruesome pile of meat, which you can see below.

Romero wrapped up his tweets with the image that appears in the header of this article, which shows the Doom 2 development team in 1994. He also gathered more than 60 images for anyone to download. Check out the gallery below to see everything he posted, including images that show how the Pinky demon has its roots in a dinosaur toy.

Last year, Romero celebrated Doom's birthday at a gathering on the University of California Santa Cruz campus.