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Watch somebody beat part of Destiny: The Dark Below's raid alone

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Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, has one sensational piece of content: the game's second raid, Crota's End. The second segment of the raid is a difficult sequence that requires all six members of your team to work in close coordination with each other... unless you're this person.

[Warning: If you want to go into Crota's End cold, you should stop reading here.]

A French Destiny player who goes by Maiky XD on YouTube figured out a way to get past this part of the raid without any teammates. It's not a glitch, but the individual does exploit the level geometry and the glide ability of the Warlock class to float up to a position that affords a view of the entire area. From there, they fire their Ice Breaker sniper rifle across the bridge at the enemies on the other side. Once the two Ogres are dead, they've finished the fight.

Of course, this strategy takes a very long time — the video runs for nearly 13 minutes, and much of the footage is sped up — but it might be worth trying if you can't get past this section the traditional way.

It turns out that it's possible to get four out of five rewards from Crota's End by yourself if you're a Sunsinger Warlock, according to Reddit user Flainn. You'll need to spec out your class to maximize agility, as well as the MIDA Multi-Tool exotic scout rifle and its Lightweight ability, which grants +2 agility. Flainn says that "with practice," that will get you through the first section of the raid alone.

At the bridge fight, Flainn says to begin the battle, then jump off to your death and activate your Fireborn self-revive ability right when the death timer hits zero. According to Flainn, enemies on your side of the bridge will stop spawning at that point, and then you can just fire away at the enemies on the other side. Once this section is complete, you can either invite some friends in for the next part, or attempt it on your own. All you have to do is bring down the two Shriekers and get to the door, and voilà! Raid loot galore.

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