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Killer Instinct's new Riptor is a cybernetic dinosaur and a 'clever girl'

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The fourth fighter coming to Killer Instinct's second season on Xbox One is the reimagined Riptor, who's now a cybernetic dinosaur, and developer Iron Galaxy gives us a sneak peek at what she's going to look like.

Expect more on Riptor this Monday, when Microsoft and Iron Galaxy plan to start rolling out trailers and gameplay video for the cyberdino. For now, the makers of Killer Instinct say she'll have moves similar to her original set with the exception of her "upperclaw" which has been replaced by a move called the "clever girl." There are hints that her segmented tail might hold a secret as well.

Riptor is coming in Killer Instinct's 2.2 update, which also includes her stage, story mode, character dossiers, sweeping balance changes, TJ Combo's retro costume and more. Microsoft creative director Adam Isgreen says to expect a 10 GB download for the update, in part due to some content package rebuilding that will result in faster load times.

The post on the official Killer Instinct forums also shows off some of the holiday items that owners of the game's Ultra Editions will get for free for a limited time. They include Orchid's candy cane striped outfit and weapons, a Santa beard for TJ Combo and some reindeer antlers for Sabrewulf, seen below.

Killer Instinct holiday

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