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PlayStation UK contest offers a chance to buy PS4 Anniversary Edition for retail price

PlayStation UK this morning rolled out a convoluted contest that will award gamers the opportunity to buy a PlayStation 4 Anniversary Edition for its sticker price from retailer Game.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Game.

It's the latest, perhaps oddest, bit of news to shake out of the ongoing story of Sony's incredibly limited edition console and the growing demand by gamers and collectors to own one.

Since its announcement at the beginning of the month, Sony has come up with a variety of ways to sell the 12,300 consoles. In Spain, that region's consoles were auctioned off with the proceeds going to two charities. In the U.S., the consoles were put up for sale on the Sony Store, selling out in minutes. Those consoles continue to pop up on eBay at extremely inflated prices. The highest sales price to date is $20,100.

Last week, PlayStation UK put together a pop-up retail store in London where they sold 94 of the consoles for £19.94. All proceed from that event went to a charity. Additional, limited edition gray consoles went on sale at the full retail price, 50 per day, on Dec. 11 and 12 while another batch will be made available online.

In this latest bit of news, PlayStation UK announced this morning a week of daily contests that will award winners the chance to buy the console from Game for the sticker price of £399.99.

The five-step process involves following both Game and PlayStation UK's Twitter accounts, brushing up on your PlayStation characters, deciphering a clue to figure out which of 300 characters the tweet of the day is referencing, going to a secret website and being one of the first 100 to fill out a form.

If you manage all of that, Game will send you the details on how to purchase the console from them. The company will also give one of the consoles away each day to one of the people who completed the form, but weren't in the first 100.

To make matters a bit more confusing, PlayStation UK isn't entirely clear on how many of the console Game actually has in stock.

"The consoles will be available on a first come first served basis with Game via the application page, they will not be available from," according to the PlayStation UK blog post. "Don't worry if you miss it, there will be a new allocation of stock every day from Monday until Friday next week giving you five separate chances to pick-up the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console."

For more details, including contest tweet times, head on over to the blog. It's worth noting that Game won't ship the consoles outside of the UK and that there is a limit of one console per a person.

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