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Does this ad show a new Wii U GamePad? (Update)

A couple of overseas advertisements have Wii U fans wondering if they've seen a new design for the console's GamePad, or if it's simply a prop or optical illusion.

The image that has everyone's attention is above. It's in a spot for Mario Kart 8, airing in Japan and the U.K. The out-of-focus shot lasts about one second, at the 0:05 mark.

It appears to be a different GamePad design — larger screen with a thinner bezel, so thin, in fact, that it would seem it ditches the little-used camera. There also appear to be grips projecting from the underside of the GamePad.

Others suggest that because it is out-of-focus, the blurred light from the GamePad makes its screen look bigger and distorts other features.

The Wii U does not support multiple GamePads. In March, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto said the company is developing games that support two GamePads, but the time is not right to release them or bring in second-GamePad support.

We've reached out to Nintendo to ask for a response, particularly if this is a rumor that should be squashed. This story will be updated with any comment it makes.

Update: Polygon hasn't received a formal reply, but was advised that the footage in the advertisement was reworked from another spot shot seven months ago.

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