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Watch Mega Man confuse and destroy these kids

Way back in the 1980s, Microsoft was a software company and everybody put their cassette tapes in a Sony Walkman. It was a simpler time, when kids the world over walked to school every day uphill, both ways, and liked it. They didn't have fancy smartphones and next-gen consoles. In 1987, they had 8-bit graphics and games like Capcom's Mega Man.

The folks over at the React YouTube channel decided to play show and tell using Capcom's blue-clad, pellet shooting star on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Press play above to watch several earnest teens grab a rectangular controller with two whole buttons (four if you count the depreciated Start and Select buttons) and take on hordes of never-ending enemies.

"It's just death at every corner," says Josh, who isn't wrong.

They aren't alone in their confusion. A few months ago on the same program, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams was baffled by the NES.

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