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This Lego set is the Pokémon Center of our dreams

Lego Ideas is a place for people to submit their own creations for Lego playsets, from original works to pop culture homages devoted to Doctor Who, The Hobbit and even Pokémon. With enough support, projects are then submitted for review and the chance to hit retailer shelves.

User Savath_Bunny is currently gathering support for one such project — an incredibly detailed Pokémon Center, complete with key character figures and some essential starters.

"Our heroes have traveled to Kalos City where some much needed rest and relaxation is in store for this group's Pokémon," the set's description reads. "Stopping at the local Pokémon Center the team bumps into the knowledgeable Professor Oak. He reminds the friends to always be kind to their Pokémon if they hope to see them evolve someday."

You can view pictures of the blocky Pokémon Center below. Additional images of the set are available on Lego Ideas, while you can see more of Savath_Bunny's Pokémon creations on Flickr.

lego pokemon

lego pokemon

lego pokemon

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