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Report: Nintendo eyeing shape-shifting LCD screens from Sharp

Nintendo is looking to buy "free form" LCD screens from Sharp, the Japan Times reports.

According to the publication's sources, Nintendo could use the technology to power the successor to the Nintendo 3DS handheld or a sleep mapping device. Nintendo unveiled the sleepy, health-focused product in October as part of its QOL or "quality of life" platform.

As The Verge reported in June, Sharp's display technology rearranges circuitry throughout the display allowing for screens in shapes that break from the traditional rectangular shapes of smartphone and TVs. As you can see in the image above, Sharp's reveal focused on the ways car manufacturers could use the displays.

Nintendo revealed a new Nintendo 3DS in August of this year that sports a second stick and shoulder buttons. For more on that device, be sure to read Polygon's hands-on impressions from the Tokyo Game Show.

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