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Evolve introduces 'Evacuation' mode and a new monster

So far, Turtle Rock and 2K Games have focused on upcoming 4v1 shooter Evolve's "Hunt" mode, which features four human players hunting one player controlling a more powerful monster before it can destroy an outpost's generator — or the hunters themselves. However, today, Turtle Rock unveiled a new mode called "Evacuation." Evacuation may feel somewhat familiar to Left 4 Dead veterans, taking place across five missions and culminating in the titular evacuation of the hunters from Evolve's alien world.

Per Turtle Rock:

Evacuation (is) an experience that uniquely combines the full array of maps, modes, Hunters, and Monsters in a dynamic experience that is different every time you play. Players choose a side, Monster or Hunter, and play through a series of five matches across all maps and modes in the game, with each victory or loss directly impacting the remaining matches in Evacuation with benefits to either the hunter or monster side. Each additional play through of Evacuation results in different combinations of mission types, environments, and map affects, totaling over 800,000 possible combinations.

To coincide with the announcement of Evacuation mode, Turtle Rock has also announced Evolve's third monster class, the Wraith. The Wraith is a stealth-based class, capable of taking less punishment, but able to send off a decoy to distract hunters while also turning invisible. The Wraith can also snatch targets from far away and bring them back to her original location, isolated from their team for an easier kill.

Players can experience Evacuation mode in Evolve's upcoming Open Beta on Xbox One this January, along with limited closed tests on PC and PS4. You'll have to wait until February 10th to get your hands on Wraith — she's not included in the beta.

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