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GTA Online now features adorable snowball fights and ugly sweater 'parties'

Grand Theft Auto Online players hoping to celebrate the holidays in Los Santos can download the "Festive Surprise" update to add snowball fights, Christmas sweaters and more, Rockstar Games announced today.

A new homing missile launcher and proximity mines are available permanently, as are new vehicles Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, Slam Van, and the Massacro and Jester sports cars. Players can now own a third garage to stash their cars, and weapons can be found at in-game store Ammu-Nation.

gta online snowball

Other additions include seasonal clothing items such as scarves, masks and holiday pajamas for free. These items will be available until Jan. 5. Special holiday crate drops will also begin dropping "frequently" until that end date.

Check out the full update on Rockstar's siteFor more on Grand Theft Auto 5, read our review. Rockstar recently announced that special multiplayer missions, heists, would finally come to GTA Online early next year.

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