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Watch an amazing Destiny player finish Crota's End ... by himself (correction)

Players may rush to be the first to finish a new raid in Destiny, and then the competition to do it in the craziest way possible begins. While there are some major problems with the latest Destiny update, the raids remain one of the most challenging aspects of the game, designed to be played with a high-level team all working together.

This player, who goes by "sc Slayerage" in a clan named "The Legend Himself," does the whole thing by himself. He's even able to keep a Peter Parker-style sense of humor about his own exploits.

This is a pretty amazing achievement, and it's surprisingly fun to watch. Take a look! Oh, and be sure to read our review of The Dark Below expansion if you missed it.

Correction: The player's Gamertag is "sc Slayerage," not "The Legend Himself" — that's the name of his clan. We've edited the article to reflect this.

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