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Frank Frazetta's Fire and Ice is getting a live-action remake by the director of Sin City

Fire and Ice, iconic illustrator Frank Frazetta's only film, is getting the Sin City treatment thanks to Sony Pictures, Deadline reports.

Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, a longtime friend of the artist, has been quietly pushing for the deal for quite awhile and now, Deadline reports, Sony has acquired the rights. The intention is to, Deadline reports, turn the movie, created by Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi, into a fantasy adventure franchise, "informed by the dreamlike worlds Frazetta poured into his paintings."

If the pairing of Frazetta and Rodriguez wasn't enough to get your heart pounding, the film-maker says his plan is to create a movie that, as with Sin City, will be a film created to honor the artist's work.

"Sin City reflected Miller's two-dimensional plane and had an abstract very graphic quality to it, while Frazetta's is this heightened reality, or rather layers of unreality that create a dream like reality you can get lost in, with an adventure film right out of his imagination," Rodriguez told Deadline. "If we get the script in the next couple months, by the end of spring or start of summer, we start preproduction."

In 1983's Fire and Ice, Frazetta teamed up with legendary animation director Bakshi, whose other works include Fritz the Cat, The Lord of the Rings and Wizards. The film was created by first shooting in live action and then traced to film cels, a process known as rotoscoping. The screenplay was written by former Marvel Conan writers Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas, with background scenes created by Thomas Kinkade and Dinotopia's James Gurney.

The movie tells the story of encroaching glaciers controlled by an evil Queen trying to freeze over the planet. When the daughter of the king of Firekeep is kidnapped, Larn and Darkwolf set out to rescue her.


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