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Giant Pac-Man invades Spain

This afternoon on the campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, the Japanese ambassador to Spain unveiled a giant statue statue of Pac-Man.

Standing at more than two meters high, Embassador Kazuhiko Koshikawa gifted the statue above as "a symbol of the strong and prominent role that the video game industry plays within the economy," according to Pac-Man publisher Bandai Namco. You can check out the sculpture from a few different angles in the gallery below.

Pac-Man's university takeover is the latest in a series of appearances by the iconic character, which include his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Ms. Pac-Man's breast cancer fight and more. Earlier this week, Namco Entertainment announced that it would open a Pac-Man-themed restaurant in Chicago in early 2015. On Wednesday, Banda Namco also announced its second name change this year.

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