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Watch the Halo 5 multiplayer beta in action, as early access arrives on Xbox One

A Halo 5: Guardians trailer released this week highlights the new abilities, weapons and maps in the upcoming multiplayer beta, and you can check them all out above.

The beta, which will be available to those who own Halo: The Master Chief Collection, is set to run Dec. 29 through Jan. 18. But if you're an Xbox One Preview participant, you can get your start today, according to an Xbox forum post this week.

Early access will begin today, Dec. 19, and end Dec. 21. Preview program participants will receive an Xbox One message today with two codes to download the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta.

An Xbox Wire post this week outlines what players can expect from the three-week beta.

"Each week we will feature new content including 7 new maps, 2 new weapons, and new modes, plus a new Competitive Skill Rating (CSR) system," the post reads. "Or sit back and enjoy watching multiplayer matches in the all-new Spectator Mode."

Early access beta testers will play content planned for the first week of the multiplayer beta.

For more on Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer, be sure to check out Polygon's impressions of three maps, delivered in four minutes. The full game is scheduled for a 2015 release exclusively on Xbox One.

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