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League of Legends finals viewership dropped 15 percent, but 27M still watched

About 27 million people tuned in to watch the finals for this year's League of Legends championship finals, developer Riot announced this week, dropping from 32 million last year.

Though that represents a roughly 15 percent drop in viewership, those who did tune in, tended to watch for longer, Riot reported. This year fans watched an average of 67 minutes, compared to last year's average of 42 minutes. The viewership this year reached a higher peak as well, with 11.2 million watching at a single time during the showdown between Samsung White and Royal Club, compared to a peak concurrent viewership of 8.7 million last year.

Overall, fans watched a total of 70 million hours online of the Season Three World Championship which included stages from Taipei to Seoul. All said, Riot streamed more than 100 hours of live content over 15 days in 19 languages via 40 broadcast partners.

All big numbers, but to put that 27 million viewership for the finals in perspective, it is still less than a third of the viewers attracted by last year's most watched sporting event, according to Sport Media Watch. The 2013 Super Bowl attracted 108.69 million viewers. With 27 million viewers, the League of Legends Championship Finals would tie for the 20 spot on the list along with the Eagles taking on the Broncos during the regular season on Sept. 29.

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