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Sorry, dragon fans: It was Gollum's voice in the Star Wars trailer, not Smaug's

When the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer hit last week, viewers seemed to be split on whose voice was narrating the 88 seconds.

Some thought it was Benedict Cumberbatch (who voiced The Hobbit's Smaug), while others believed it was Andy Serkis (who voiced Gollum). Good Morning America solved the voice riddle yesterday morning, tweeting that they officially confirmed the voice was the work of Serkis.

Cumberbatch himself quashed the rumor yesterday as well during the London Evening Standard Theater Awards letting people know he wasn't the voice. Nor, tragically, is he the "hooded character with the rather cool new lightsaber."

That's one very minor riddle solved, but of course it doesn't begin to touch on the slew of unanswered questions brought up in the montage teaser. For a little exploration into all of that, check out our analysis of the video right here.

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