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Lords of the Fallen's mobile game will be a new adventure

When Lords of the Fallen arrives on Android and iOS in 2015, it will be a new adventure, not a port of the existing game, developer CI Games CEO Marek Tyminski told Polygon.

Tyminski first confirmed that a sequel to the Dark Souls-inspired action role-playing game is in development for the same systems that Lords of the Fallen launched on earlier this year.

"I can confirm that the statements made recently to the local Polish media at a press conference earlier this week in Warsaw, and mentioned on Facebook by Executive Producer Tomasz Gop, are true: a Lords of the Fallen sequel is currently in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One," Tyminski said. "The reaction from fans to the news has been tremendous so far, and we're eager to take on the challenge of improving upon the solid experience that has been created with Lords of The Fallen."

Tyminski also clarified the announcement made earlier this week about the franchise's leap to mobile.

"I'd also like to offer some new information," he said. "We're currently working on a mobile game that takes place in the Lords of the Fallen universe, which we're aiming to launch on iOS and Android in 2015. It will not be a straight port of the game though, but rather a brand new Lords of the Fallen experience. More details on that are still to come."

For more on Lords of the Fallen, which was co-developed by Deck13 Interactive, be sure to read Polygon's review.

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