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What's it gonna take to put you in Star Citizen's latest ride?

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Three years into its development, I'm not even ephemerally aware of the metastory in Star Citizen, the sprawling spacefaring MMO from Cloud Imperium. I am, however, aware it has intergalactic star vehicle advertisements that perfectly mimic those seen during your average NFL broadcast.

The latest spot in Star Citizen's superb fleet reveal series is for the Mustang, not by Ford but Consolidated Outlands, an in-game manufacturer. Everything about this is spot on: the smug, self-regarding designer, the setting in a barren flatlands, the vague 3-D blueprinting. All it needs is the "closed course; professional pilot" disclaimer. Because don't tell me they don't have lawyers in this galaxy.

Why isn't Star Citizen having a December-to-Remember sales event? I'd love to see one of these puppies, red bow on the cockpit, in the snowy driveway of a wealthy and impossibly attractive young couple.

Star Citizen recently said congratulations to its space-MMO colleague Elite: Dangerous, which launched on Dec. 16. Perhaps Elite will send its regards when Star Citizen comes out. The most-crowdfunded video game ever, Star Citizen has launched a dogfighting module so far but doesn't have a release date for the full game more definite than 2016.

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