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Talented artists take on their gaming memories in eight amazing works

The folks over at Medium's Matter have this wonderful piece up called "A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Gamer" which has eight talented artists illustrating the video games that they obsessed over in their childhood.

It's an amazing collection of unforgettable art.

Above you see my favorite of the collection: Tim McDonagh's take on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Beyond the packed background and wonderful take on the game itself, what really pulls me in on this illustration is the image of the artist, as a child, with his two younger brothers raptly watching him play. That's the experience of a whole generation of gamers in a time when mulitplayer was, at best, an afterthought and gaming meant taking turns and watching.

Other games given the treatment include Mimi Leung on Final Fantasy 7, Jennifer Daniel on Minesweeper, Brendan Monroe on Asteroids, Kris Mukai on Jet Grind Radio, Celyn Brazier on Alien-8 and Sachin Teng on Rocket Knight Adventures.

Another favorite is Lale Westvind's take on an old Strategic Simulations, Inc. title called War Wind, seen below.

Make sure to hop over to Matter to see all of the illustrations and read the artist's thoughts on the games that they so loved as children. It's an interesting read and the collection itself says something about how much gaming has changed. There once was a time when the game industry's big, influential titles weren't so homogenized and people had vastly different experiences with games growing up.


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