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Destiny players have logged nearly 100,000 years in-game

This week Bungie released some end of the year numbers for Destiny. For a game that the company has invested so much time and money into, to hear them tell it it certainly sounds like it's been a successful launch.

Bungie says that across all platforms nearly 13 million players have played Destiny, creating a total of 22.9 million guardians. The in-game time spent is closing in on 875 million hours.

That's 99,523 years.

The post goes on to list a few other bullet-pointed tidbits.

  • In the span of time you have spent playing Destiny, the Curiosity Rover could have made the voyage to Mars more than one hundred thousand times
  • If the Guardians populating Destiny occupied a single city, it would be as large as New York City and Los Angeles, combined
  • Atheon has been shattered 2.4 Million times
  • At least a dozen of those kills were without cheese
  • Crota has been Ended 769 times, and rapidly counting

But only once by a Fireteam of one (step it up, everyone else)

"Staggering statistics aside," the post reads, "Destiny is more than a game of numbers. it's a world made of people... It's the human stories that lodge in our void-stained memories."

Finally, the team teased some "stocking stuffers" that will be added to player's inventories "sometime after the Holidays have come and gone."

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