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Cards Against Humanity announces sequel to Hawaii, gives private island to bullshit buyers

Welcome to ‘Hawaii 2’

A view of Maine's St. George Lake from the island of Hawaii 2, née Birch Island.
A view of Maine's St. George Lake from the island of Hawaii 2, née Birch Island.
Brent Knepper
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Cards Against Humanity bought a special gift for the 250,000 people who signed up for its holiday promotion this year: a piece of a private island in Maine, the company announced yesterday.

In 2013, Cards Against Humanity launched a new kind of year-end promotion, “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit,” in which 100,000 people paid $12 for 12 gifts. The company expanded the program to 250,000 people this year with “Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa,” offering 10 gifts for $15. The initiative already resulted in a $250,000 donation to the Sunlight Foundation. For the 10th and final gift, Cards Against Humanity turned an old joke into a reality.

“A couple years ago, we made a joke that with the money we donated to the Wikimedia Foundation, we could have bought a small private island,” begins Cards Against Humanity’s letter to 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa recipients, a group that includes the author of this article.

“That gave us an idea: to buy a small private island,” the letter continues. “We bought this island for two reasons. 1) Because it was funny, and 2) so we could give you a small piece of it. Also, 3) we’re preserving a pristine bit of American wilderness.”

Cards Against Humanity - Hawaii 2 map 2133

Cards Against Humanity spent approximately $200,000 on the island, said co-founder Max Temkin in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. The uninhabited and undeveloped island, which was known as Birch Island until Cards Against Humanity renamed it “Hawaii 2,” sits in the northern part of St. George Lake. The lake is located in Liberty, Maine, about 25 miles east of the state capital, Augusta. Lake St. George State Park runs right down to the northwestern shore of the eponymous body of water.

Hawaii 2 has an area of 6 acres or so, and Cards Against Humanity licensed 1 square foot of the island to each of the 250,000 individuals who bought into Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa. Six acres is exactly 261,360 square feet, which leaves about 11,000 square feet of Hawaii 2 for Cards Against Humanity. You can see a map of the island — or rather, an artist’s conception — above.

“This square foot of land is yours to do what you want with, as long as you don’t destroy it or break any laws on it,” reads Cards Against Humanity’s letter. The company suggests activities such as “sport,” “leisure,” “father-son bonding” and “Henry David Thoreau” for the wooded island. Cards Against Humanity’s license agreement permits owners to name their 1-square-foot plot of land, but warns, “If you hurt a tree on the Private Island, we will curse your family for a thousand (1,000) generations.”

Cards Against Humanity sent photographer and adventurer Brent Knepper to visit Hawaii 2 in late October. Knepper spent two days exploring the island; you can see all his photos from the trip, including the one above, on his blog, Everything Will Be Noble.

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