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The Interview will be out Christmas Day at select theaters after all

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The Interview will be showing at select theaters on Christmas Day after all and will also come to video on demand.

The owner of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas tweeted today that the film will be hitting his theaters. The Plaza Theater in Atlanta also announced via Twitter today that the movie will be shown there on Christmas Day.

Sony Pictures has not yet commented on this latest development and it remains unclear just how many theaters will be showing the movie Christmas Day.

Other theaters showing the movie include the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City and Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Wrap reports that Sony has also decided to release the movie through on demand services, but didn't detail which ones or when that would happen.

Last week, Sony Pictures announced earlier that it would no longer be releasing The Interview, a comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The decision was made in the wake of a hack attack that the FBI now says was carried out by North Korea. Those hackers also, citing 9/11, threatened an attack on American theaters showing the film.

Yesterday, North Korea mysteriously lost internet following nearly a day of increasing instability.

The outage, which only lasted a day, came just days after President Barack Obama promised that the U.S. would respond "proportionally and in a place and time we choose" to a hack attack against Sony Pictures. Last week, the FBI said it had evidence that North Korea was behind the hacking attacks on Sony and threats against the company over the release of the movie The Interview.

Also yesterday, The Art House Convergence, a national coalition of independent art house theaters, created a petition to pledge their support for the theatrical release of the movie.

The petition reads, in part:

We stand in solidarity with Sony and offer our support to them in defense of artistic integrity and personal freedoms; freedoms which represent our nation's great ability to effect change and embrace diversity of opinion.

We understand there are risks involved in screening THE INTERVIEW. We will communicate these risks as clearly as we can to our employees and customers and allow them to make their own decisions, as is the right of every American. Understanding those risks, the undersigned, independent cinema owners and operators of America under the banner of the Art House Convergence, do hereby agree to support Sony and to support theatrical engagements of THE INTERVIEW should Sony, at its sole discretion, decide to release it to theaters.

Sony has yet to comment officially, although the official Twitter page for The Interview is live once more, but we will update this story once they do.

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