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Final Fantasy 15 will feature party attacks, summons for Noctis

Final Fantasy 15 will include special party attacks, summons specific to protagonist Noctis and new uses for MP, Kotaku reports via Famitsu.

Speaking with Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata explained that in battle, party members can unite to perform more powerful attacks. Although the mechanic is still in progress, Tabata said the plan is to use a system where players must time their button presses to pull off such attacks. In battle, players will be able to equip multiple weapons simultaneously; however, players will have a main weapon to fight with. This weapon will determine special attacks the player can perform.

Unlike past games, where MP corresponded to a player's magic, Final Fantasy 15 will use MP for special moves. Few details about this system were provided, though Tabata said MP could be used for moves to dodge or evade attacks.

Tabata also added that summons — a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise — will only be usable by Noctis.

A new trailer for Final Fantasy 15 debuted at Jump Festa 2015 earlier this month. Those hoping to get their hands on Final Fantasy 15 early can check out a demo by picking up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it launches next year.

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