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Watch the impossible as Destiny player solos Crota's End with game's 'worst weapon'

Be warned: This is painful to watch. But I bet it's not nearly as painful to watch as it was to play.

Redditor xThreeDoG decided that soloing Crota's End, the latest raid in Destiny, wasn't enough of a challenge. Instead, he decided to solo the raid using a notoriously badsome would say worstweapon: the No Land Beyond sniper rifle.

The run compilation consists of five YouTube videos that shows a lot of patience, a lot of jumping around and a lot of moments that may leave you shouting at your computer monitor.

What it doesn't show, according to XThreeDoG, is the four hours of failures the player cut out of the videos. XThreeDoG apparently decided to do the run after another player, Rash_Octillery, issued a challenge on the Destiny Reddit. The rewards included Reddit Gold and that "no one can ever say you aren't good enough again. In anything."

For those of you interested, No Land Beyond is a sniper rifle with an attack of 302/331, 19 rate of fire, 25 impact, range of 100, stability of 24 and reload of 62. The quality level 70 rifle has a magazine that holds six shots.

You can watch the entire solo here.

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