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Ubisoft to give GDC talk about the difficulties of creating Assassin's Creed Unity's living world

Ubisoft will walk Game Developer Conference attendees through the initial vision for Assassin's Creed Unity and the problems the studio ran into when creating the living world feel of the game, during next spring's conference, according to the GDC site.

The "Postmortem: Developing Systemic Crowd Events on Assassin's Creed Unity" talk is scheduled as part of the design and programming tracks for the conference.

Unity had a very troubled launch, with dozens of high-profile bugs and glitches that marred the game's appearance, created a variety of issues and even some that made the game unplayable. After a series of patches, the developer announced it would be giving away content that was initially designed as part of the game's season pass. The company stopped selling the season pass and give current owners all of the promised content, plus their choice of one free game.

While much has gone into fixing the issues, comments about why the game shipped in the state it did have not been forthcoming. Ubisoft has not responded to numerous requests for interviews, nor have they answered questions about the game sent to them from Polygon.

The talk may give some insight into issues Ubisoft Montreal ran into when developing the game.

According to the course description:

"With next generation consoles, players expect more from open world games. They expect deeper immersion with AI and more emergent gameplay that will add replay value. In ACU, we accomplished this by developing non-player-centric systemic events, capable of creating spontaneous gameplay opportunities for the players. This lecture looks back at the development of the system from both a game designer and a programmer's perspective, and how we overcame some of the challenges presented by systemic gameplay via concrete examples. This talk will present the initial vision for the system, our design intentions, problems we met as we iterated on the system, and the solutions we used, integration with other crowd systems, level and mission design concerns, as well as avenues of improvement."

Game designer Christine Blondeau is named as the speaker for the talk, which is meant to teach attendees about the "pitfalls that come with designing systemic gameplay and the lessons we learned on Assassin's Creed Unity," according to the conference website.

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