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iTunes' new refund policy will erase your online shopping mistakes, but only in Europe

An update to the iTunes Terms of Service will introduce a new 14-day return policy to European users, Apple announced.

The new policy introduces one big caveat, however. Users who deliberately purchased an item on the iTunes store forfeit the right to return it. That means only those who purchased an item by accident, but did not download it, can get a refund. Likewise, gifts cannot be refunded once the user redeems the code.

"To cancel your order, you must inform us of your decision," the iTunes ToS reads. "To ensure immediate processing we recommend you use Report a Problem to cancel all items with the exception of iTunes Match, Season Pass, Multi-Pass and, unless purchased from a third party or redeemed, iTunes Gifts and Allowances, which can be cancelled by contacting iTunes Support. You also have the right to inform us using the model cancellation form below or by making any other clear statement. If you use Report a Problem we will communicate acknowledgement of receipt of your cancellation to you without delay."

According to Apple, users who wish to return a digital item will be reimbursed no later than 14 days from the day they receive a cancellation notice.

The introduction of these new terms comes following the introduction of guidelines in Europe for apps and digital games which aim to protect consumers. In addition to a two-week refund policy, digital goods must also be clearly labelled and offer detail information about how things like in-app purchases work.

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